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GS-G90B GSM WiFi GPRS alarm system
GS-G90B GSM WiFi GPRS alarm system
1.WIFI + GSM word menu home alarm system.
2.Android + IOS APP application easily control, Easily Authorized.
3.Notification push via Wifi, compare with traditional SMS, it's free.
4. Work with IP camera, The IP camera APP intergrated in the host APP. you can view the IP camera by phone.
5.Workable with RFID wireless keypad ,support doorbell function.
6.Zone names can be revised by users.
7.Relay usages name can be revised by users.
8.Independent zones. Every zone can be set be independent zone, which can be only disarmed by APP and alarm host keypad.
9. Leaving message remotely in APP. When leaving message in APP, uch as: I will go home late, don’t wait for me. Next the message is automatically mapping to the host. Users will see LCD display note to remind.
10.Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage.
11.Build-in wireless transmitter, can control 4 wireless relay outputs and wireless sound & strobe siren.
12.96 wireless zones+4 wired defense zones+4 wired relay, Can store 6 alarm call phone No.
13.Wireless encoding between host and detectors, innumerable detectors for each wireless zone.
14.Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function.
15.10-second voice message recording.
16.Support Monitoring and two-way intercom function.
17.The host can be used as a hand-free phone.
Golden Security GSM WIFI alarm system G90B setting operation