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G90B PLUS-P customized just for Professionals, Why?  (2017-09-22)
1.Support SIA+CID protocol for Central Monitor Station. Most Professional installation companies have built their CID/ADEMCO Monitoring Station, but they purchased Security alarm systems from ADT/Honeywell/BOSCH with high cost, to earn back withdraw their investment in alarm devices, they should charge high in monthly service for house owner, this is vicious cir...
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Wireless Smart home security alarm system with Lora Technology  (2017-09-16)
Wire-free Smart home security alarm system with Lora Technology The advantages of Lora technology are as below: 1. Long Rang : Smart hub connecting to sensors up to 1000 meter away in rural area, suitable for Four-story house security. 2. Secure: Embedded end-to-end AES-128 encryption of data for optimal privacy and prot...
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Why we need alarm system for home security  (2011-09-13)
Why we need alarm system for home security With the ever increasing crime rates requires you to be progressive with respect to your personal and their families safety. In this case it is highly recommand to make good use of a home alarm system. A home alarm system is widely used to issued a warning signal(siren that renders very loud noise), which makes it become ver...
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Home security monitor system  (2011-09-02)
The peace of mind that comes with a household security system can hardly be replaced. Unfortunately, many homeowners are discouraged by the high monthly cost of many commercial alarm companies. The solution for some is a do-it-yourself project. The project should be thoroughly planned and executed to ensure there are no gaps in the security system, and that all windo...
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